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Meet Our Amazing Staff!

Get To Know Us!


Rashell Brunner

Owner & Licensed Esthetician

Hello and welcome to Emergence Skin Care Studio. I am Rashell Brunner the owner, esthetician and make up artist. Skin Care is my passion. Owning my own business is my dream. Finally the two have merged and Emergence Skin Care Studio has been born.
I come from a diverse background. I have taught autistic children, was an insurance agent, worked in sales,was a director at a cosmetology school where I found my passion in the world of aesthetics. I have worked at some of the best full service day spas in York and Lancaster counties. The last salon I was employed at was in York county. I was there for almost six years. My clients there were the most amazing people! I handled all the facials, microdermabrasion, waxing and make up appointments. I was also the spa manager and met some of my dearest friends who also had worked there through the years.
Education is huge in this industry and I take it very seriously. I am continually taking classes to learn, grow and better serve my clients. I have studied under some of the top people in this field. Over the years I have earned over 250 education hours at The International Dermal Institute. I have earned my certificate for make up artistry from Last Looks Make Up Academy. I am honored and thrilled to have met and learn from those individuals that are masters in this field.
I like to work with people who are at the top of their game. Anyone who works for me you can be assured that they are some of the best in their field. There are some amazing people in this industry and I promise to always be seeking these people out to learn from them.
The other element of this industry I believe is customer service. You, as a paying customer, should feel valued and heard. I treat people like the wonderful individual that you are. And I make it my goal that everyone I come in contact with feels special. You deserve the best!
So should you need your brows fixed because someone botched them, or need wedding make up, or need help understanding what is happening to your skin, I am the person to call. I enjoy helping people feel good about themselves. I would be honored to provide services for you.


Bev Tomlinson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Bev is a licensed massage therapist and has been in the spa industry for over 15 years. She is a very personable individual with a soothing demeanor. Bev loves her profession and her goal is to help people feel better. She is proficient in many modalities that include Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology and her favorite, hot stone massage. Whether you need a massage to relieve pain or to ease and relax, Bev will provide you with a unique and personalized massage experience.


Pat Landis

Reiki Practitioner 

Pat says she felt called to start on her Reiki journey in 2017. "As my children grew and I retired from a fulfilling teaching career, I became interested in channels to promote positivity and hope in the world. Reiki was a natural choice, and as I studied and practiced Reiki I felt that this was a life fulfilling practice. Reiki helps to balance your body spirit and emotions. It is such a positive and relaxing experience that I am so very honored to share with others."

EMERGENCE FINAL LOGO Orange butterfly with name.jpg

EMERGENCE FINAL LOGO Orange butterfly with name.jpg

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