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Level 1

Flower Enzyme

 50 min, $97

Smooths and revitalizes the skin with fruit enzymes that gently remove superficial dead skin cells. Flower extracts contribute mild organic acids to gently stimulate and tone skin while providing antioxidant protection. Appropriate for most skin types, except extremely sensitive. All skin types except extremely sensitive.

Pink Roses

Pro 5 Exfoliant

 50 min, $97

A Versatile, professional chemical exfoliant uniquely blended with five alpha and poly hydroxy acids. Both effective & gentle, this modern formulation delivers results with no downtime and is even appropriate on sensitive skin. Skin will be clearer, invigorated and glowing. All skin types & concerns, appropriate for first-time peel clients and sensitive skin.

Gradient Ocean

Level 2

Hydra Radiance

 50 min, $97

Smooths, hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines & pigmentation. With a larger molecular size Lactic Acid is a preferred option for dry & sensitive skin as well as first time peel clients. Added antioxidants help repair damage and strengthen skin. Combination & dry skin concerned with aging and hyperpigmentation. A good beginner peel.



 50 min, $97

 Designed for oily or congested skin prone to breakouts. this professional chemical exfoliant smooths skin's surface by breaking down and removing keratinized skin cell build up. Antioxidants Cranberry & Pomegranate provide anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits. Oily and combination skin concerned with breakouts. 

Pomegranate and Orange

Level 3

Retinol + C Boost

 50 min, $97

This is a Boost treatment that can be added to any of our peels or for sensitive skin can be a stand alone treatment. This is a leave-on Retinol and Vitamin C formula. All skin types and concerns including light sensitivity. level 2 when used alone, level 3 when combined with another chemical exfoliant.

Cocktail Making_edited_edited.jpg

GloPro Resurfacing

 50 min, $97

Repairs and regenerates skin. A versatile and fast acting acid exfoliant appropriate for most skin types, effectively aids oily, problematic skin. Improves the appearance of facial lines, uneven tone and texture.  All skin types except not for sensitive.  Up to 2x/month

Ray of Light

Beta Clarity

 50 min, $97

Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties. Treats oily,congested and acne-prone skin. Helps rejuvenate, smooth and balance the complexion. For oily and combination skin concerned with breakouts. Up to 1x/month

Yoga by the Ocean

Level 4

GloPro Power +

 50 min, $97

 Effectively rejuvenates damaged skin by stimulating fresher, healthy cell growth. Improves the appearance of aging and photodamaged skin as well as the occasional breakout. Helps smooth texture, soften fine lines and even skin tone. All skin types concerned with aging, uneven texture and pigmentation. Up to 1x/month

Misty Woodland

Triple Transformation Peel

 50 min, $97

This modified jessner formula delivers a synergy of effective acids designed to create transformation, reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles and acne. All skin types except sensitivity. Not for the beginner.

Young Woman with Freckles

Clinical Chemical Peels

Level 5

Please discuss these peels with your esthetician prior to scheduling.

TCA Clinical Reveal

 60 min, $109

 This physician strength formula combines TCA with other exfoliating agents to improve the appearance of aging skin, smooth fine lines and enhance skin tone. Added probiotics & antioxidants support skin and encourage repair. All skin types concerned with aging, uneven texture & hyperpigmentation. NOT for beginners. Only 2-4x/yr 


AB Clinical Renewal

 60 min, $109

 This physician strength formula combines Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids to refine skin's surface texture and reduce the appearance of uneven tone while clearing blemishes. All skin types except sensitive. Can Not be pregnant or allergic to aspirin. Not for beginners. 

Mountain Fog
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