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This is a semi permanent procedure that uses individual strokes that look like real hair. Whether you have no eyebrows or sparse brows this can give you the look of full, beautiful brows.Consultations are available with an appointment. We will explore the perfect shape and color that would be best for you. The cost is $50 which is due at the consultation and will be credited to your account and deducted off your actual service should you choose to go forward. So after having a consultation the balance due the day of your service is $475, which includes your 30 day touch up. Rashell has been doing microblading for four years. She is well respected and trusted with this procedure. Hundreds of ladies are loving their new brows. Schedule a consultation and get started. This really could change your life!

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More Lash Options

More Brow Options

Please discuss these peels with your esthetician prior to scheduling.

Brow Tint

15 mins

A nice semi permanent tint of color to enhance your brows.

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Brow Wax & Design

15 mins

We have both hard and soft (strip) wax because as we know, everyone has different needs.

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