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Body Wraps

Homemade Remedies

Detoxifying-Slimming Body Wrap

60 min, $135

The slimming body wrap is a 90 minute experience where you will be enveloped in a warm nutrient rich product that uses 27 natural ingredients to draw out toxins, aiding the body's natural process to breakdown hard fat and tighten the skin. Measurements are taken before and after the treatment so you can instantly know your results. The body wrap works by shrinking the size of your fat cells by detoxifying them. The herbs, sea vegetation and minerals provide nutrients which penetrate our cell walls and cause the lipids (fatty material) inside our cells to be released into the lymphatic system. The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process of the body. This treatment pairs well with the sauna for even more detoxifying. One 90 minute wrap $135 or paired with the sauna for $149 (a $21 savings) If pairing sauna & wrap allow 2 hours for both services. Not for people who are claustrophobic or do not like the heat. *Most clients' average inch loss is 3 to 6 inches after the first wrap. It does depend upon your body type (the proportion of soft fatty tissue to muscle mass) and the amount of loose skin you have. No matter what the inches are that are lost you are still benefiting from detoxification.

Beauty Care

Hydrating Full Body Wrap

60 min, $80

This 60 minute body wrap is the perfect service to rejuvenate your skin and relax the mind. Unwind in a cozy massage room with a heated table, soft sheets, and relaxing music while your service provider does a full body dry exfoliation, followed by muscle relaxing light massage, application of hydrating body butter mask that's blended with your choice of essential oils. You'll be wrapped up while your skin is revived. Then enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing massage. You'll leave feeling as silky smooth and relaxed as melted butter, calorie free of course!


Seaweed Gel Body Wrap

60 min, $75

Our new seaweed gel detox wrap uses warm sea kelp which stimulates metabolism and nutrient rich Klamath blue-green algae to hydrate and detoxify. This wrap hydrates your skin with natural moisturizers of willow bark, aloe vera, vitamin E, rose hips and lavender. We apply the warm gel with a soft brush. There are small rowels covering private areas so even the modest people can feel comfortable. Warm towels are used to remove the gel after you have been relaxed for a short time. Your skin will thank you! Good by winter dry legs.

Woman in a Spa

Our body wraps pair well with our Infrared Sauna and our Ion Foot Bath services

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