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Detoxifying Holistic Treatments


Far Infrared Sauna

30 Minute Session, $35.

* Purchase a 7 session punch card for $245 and get 3 FREE sessions. Save $105.

Or become a Sauna member, Unlimited use for $99 a month.

Infrared sauna heaters warm the body in the same manner as natural sunlight. Far infrared heat therapy uses the wavelength of the visible and non-visible light spectrum of sunlight the heats the body normally. Traditional saunas raise the temperature of the air to a very high level within the chamber to warm the body. Some people have difficulty breathing in this extremely warm air. Far infrared works differently. Instead of heating the air within the enclosure, it heats the body directly.

The benefits:

*Weight loss, in a 30 minute session you can burn anywhere from 300-600 calories.

*Detoxification, because of the deep penetration of the infrared waves the sweat glands are activated. The sweat glands then release toxins.

* Improves blood circulation, the muscles are heated and causes an increase in blood flow. Your blood vessels will expand to accommodate the increase in blood flow thus bringing your blood pressure down.

*Pain relief, heat is wonderful for pain. Along with the heat and better blood circulation, which increases the oxygen level in the blood, relief is provided for various kinds of pain including arthritis and fibromyalgia.

These are the highlights of the benefits.


Detox Foot Bath

30 min, $35

* Purchase a package of 5 sessions for the price of 4

*Save when you combine this with the Infrared Sauna

*Join our Wellness Membership to get 20% off your monthly session

Sit back and relax as you detox during this ion charged foot soak. During your session, our special machine ionizes water molecules, separating water (H2O) into H+ and OH- ions. These ions then attract and neutralize toxins and heavy metals of the opposite charge in the body, pulling them out through the bottom of the feet. It also alkalizes the blood and tissues and neutralizes waste products in the body. Results of this detoxifying service will leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and aide the body in overall wellness.

Detoxifying-Slimming Body Wrap

60 min, $135

* Purchase 3 Detox Slimming Body Wraps for $255, thats just $85 each, saving $150 on three!

The slimming body wrap is a 90 minute experience where you will be enveloped in a warm nutrient rich product that uses 27 natural ingredients to draw out toxins, aiding the body's natural process to breakdown hard fat and tighten the skin. Measurements are taken before and after the treatment so you can instantly know your results. The body wrap works by shrinking the size of your fat cells by detoxifying them. The herbs, sea vegetation and minerals provide nutrients which penetrate our cell walls and cause the lipids (fatty material) inside our cells to be released into the lymphatic system. The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process of the body. This treatment pairs well with the sauna for even more detoxifying. One 90 minute wrap $135 or paired with the sauna for $149 (a $21 savings) If pairing sauna & wrap allow 2 hours for both services. Not for people who are claustrophobic or do not like the heat. *Most clients' average inch loss is 3 to 6 inches after the first wrap. It does depend upon your body type (the proportion of soft fatty tissue to muscle mass) and the amount of loose skin you have. No matter what the inches are that are lost you are still benefiting from detoxification.

Homemade Remedies
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